12 Angry men

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(IT IS HER RUBRIK) please read the book 12 angry men.. its a short play 🙁 thank you !
Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose
The above quote is in regards to one of the themes (about Reasonable Doubt) of the play, 12 Angry Men. This is the theme I would like you to explore in your essay:
The Prompt is:
At some point in the play, all of the jurors come to believe that there is a reasonable doubt that the boy killed his father, and they, then, vote Not Guilty. Explain why—because of the personality of each individual juror—their moment of revelation/epiphany (aha!) came at the point in the plot that it did. Was the timing consistent with their personality?
Tip: Look at the evidence that convinced 3, 4, 5, or 6 of the jurors, and why it caused them to change their minds about the verdict. You cannot explore all 12, so choose carefully.
To explore: You want to describe all your chosen characters to their fullest.
Find out when the particular juror you are writing about changed his vote.
What specific evidence was needed to convince them to vote “Not Guilty”
Consider how the moment of their decision tells the reader something more about who that man is.
Please use the Hour Glass Format and MLA Format in creating your essay. You do need to have quotes from the play that fit into the context of your discussion about the play. The page limit is again no less than 4 pages, not more than 6 pages. Please do not do “research” for this essay. This is about what you, yourself, learned and what you see in the play.

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