Schema Theory, Reading

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Only use these 5 References (books)
Celce-Murcia, Marianne, Brinton, Donna, M. and Snow, Marguerite. Teaching English as a second or foreign language. Fourth edition
Harmer Jeremy (2007) The practice of English Language Teaching
Hedge, T. (2000). Teaching and learning in the language classroom. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
McDonough, J. and Shaw, C. (2012) Materials and Methods In ELT: A Teacher Guide.
Ur,P. (2005) A Course in Language Teaching.
In-text citation must include the page number. For example (Harmer, 2007, page 117).
– Please use simple words/vocabularies understood by non-English native speakers
-You should demonstrate the understanding of Schema Theory.
You should demonstrate the understanding of .authentic text –
You should integrate language skills ( speaking and writing) –
Characteristics of students: intermediate level, age 17 years, they study English as a foreign language, English is a compulsory subject in the school.

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