Inferential statistical analysis

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To accept or reject four hypotheses:
H1: Age has a significant influence on resistance to change with older people resisting change more than younger people.
H2: Gender has a significant influence on resistance to change, as men perceive change as a threat to their interest.
H3: Educational level of people has a significant influence on resistance to change, as people with higher educational level understand the need for change more than people with less educational level.
H4: Culture has a significant influence on resistance to change, and if change is seen to be incompatible with ones values and beliefs, it will be confronted with resistance.
What you have to do is:
Analyse the data given comprehensively.
Accept or reject hypotheses by the use of appropriate statistical tests.
Tables and graphs will not be included in the words count.
Do NOT do any descriptive statistical and demographic analysis as it has been already done.
All work must be written in an understandable and clear way.
Note: all this must be done by the use of SPSS, and I want to say that I will not accept any work that is poorly done and I will return it to be assigned by someone else. So please if you’re not specialist in SPSS and data analysis, don’t do it.

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