life, everyone has things to do and deadlines to meet. For an adult learner, time appears to be even more valuable since it often feels as though everyone wants a part of it. This week’s Lesson suggested using a “month-at-a-glance” calendar and included color-coded strategies for your routine activities.


Many of us now use electronic tools for managing our time. There are electronic bulletin boards, electronic sticky notes, reminder apps, calendar apps, and others.  Here is a brief explanation of a few tools:


  • Lino is a bulletin board that lets users capture images, write to-do lists, and set reminders for any of the items they post. This site lets users create multiple boards (lino calls these boards “Canvases”) for different purposes or use colors to organize events on the same board.
  • Your computer may have come with a sticky note application. These sticky notes can also be color-coded for easy organization.
  • Google Calendar permits users to establish meetings, to-do lists, and reminders. Items included on the calendar can be color-coded. Google can also be synched with a mobile device. A “tips and tricks” instructional video is linked here:
  • Hundreds of other organizational applications have been developed and are now available for tablets, phones, and computers.

What strategy do you use to manage your time? Why does this strategy work for you? If you use an app, please share the name of it, a link to the developer’s website, and any information you would like to provide. How do you balance home, work, and school responsibilities? What might make it difficult to stay on top of your school work?

Then, reflecting on your readings and your investigations into the various resources from Lessons, provide one new tip you intend to put into practice to help better manage your time now that you have added going to school as one of your responsibilities.

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