90s movie analysis

Autumn Term – Popular Media in the 1990s Reading Response #3 Due August 25 @ 9:00 AM Objectives The 1990s featured a plethora of movies that spoke to the era and the generation of its youth. For this assignment: • Choose a movie from the 1990s (not one that we’ve watched in class). • Use your research skills to find two reviews of that movie from the 1990s. • Contextualize that movie and the reviews within larger historical/cultural frameworks of the 1990s. • Write a short essay that makes a claim about the importance of the movie using the movie itself and the reviews to support your claim. • Use the course readings to help frame your analysis. • Carefully cite any idea, word, or phrase you take directly from the readings, movie, or reviews. Please be sure to use MLA Style for your citations. • Please include a list of Citations in MLA style at the end of the paper, which includes a citation for the movie, the reviews, and any of the readings from the course that you use. • Try to go beyond simply description and summary working towards critical analysis. • Be sure to write in the third person. Paper Specs: Approximately 800-100 words, word-processed, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, standard margins, include title and page numbers, no extra space between paragraphs with list of works cited at the end of the paper. Please use Microsoft Word to hand in your paper, and hand it in through the course’s Moodle site. Grading Breakdown: • Selection/Citation of Appropriate Movie and Reviews (10%): • Engagement/Citation with Course Readings (20%): • Historical and Cultural Contextualization (10%): • Critical Analysis (20%): • Structure (10%): • Grammar and Style (20%): • Paper Specs (10%): • Total (100):

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