A brief narrative why this company needs the changes you are proposing, what is the situation, overall reason, etc

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Prepare a written report to include:
A brief narrative why this company needs the changes you are proposing, what is the situation, overall reason, etc.
A detailed description of the company, size, geographical operation and the industry it deals in. Cite the NAICS code, you may look up the correct code at: http://www.census.gov/eos/www/naics/, and the ISO 9000 http://www.iso.org/iso/more_resources_9000 or if applicable ISO 14000.
Provide as many relevant information as possible, including the years in operation and its long-term vision
Describe the problem
Describe your proposed solution to the problem
Use the 7 parts described in the rubric below as guidelines
Your report should mirror what you would present to the company representative in real life
Type the report double-spaced and cover page and table of contents.
Include as many tables and figures as necessary but not to exceed 3 pages in total
Use “Times New Roman” font size # 12 and APA style.
Place appropriate citations, if any, at the end of the paper as a Reference Section.
Table of contents to follow the cover page; content items must be numbered according to the page
All pages must be numbered except the cover page
All citations must be typed at the end of the paper titled “References”. Foot notes or end notes will not be accepted
The emphasis is on identifying the types of changes that need to be made, the readiness of the organization for change, and developing strategies for initiating, implementing, and sustaining change. This assignment includes a written description of the situation, as it appears to you now, what approach you have planned, what you hope as an outcome, and how you will evaluate the results of the change.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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