A light dimmer using microcontroller with PICAXE

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I hope that you follow the instructions in the assignment and I hope to do not take someone else’s work or give the same work for someone else i want to make project about A light dimmer using microcontroller with PICAXE
– one LED + series resistor
– switch S1 and a series resistor
– switch S2 and a series resistor
Write a micro-controller program that operates as follows.
– when initially switched on the LED will be a half brightness
– while S1 is pressed the brightness gradually increases
– while S2 is pressed the brightness gradually decreases
To vary the brightness of the LED, investigate the ‘pwm’ command. For details look in the PICAXE Manual 2. In the PICAXE Programming Editor, click HELP; MANUAL 2 and go to page on ‘pwm’. and write report about this lab, i will add some materials that help you

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