A Middlevale couple and their three children are dead.

A Middlevale couple and their three children are dead. The died Sunday. Their pick-up crashed head-on into a semi-trailer. It was 1:12 PM.  Mr. John Eriksson, his wife, Laura, and their three children were coming home shopping in Harkensville. It was foggy. The kids were riding in the back of the pick-up. Their Toyota pick-up was passing the cemetery on Glebe Road just outside Harkensville. It’s a 2006 model. It went out of control and collided with the semi-trailer. Mr. and Mrs. Eriksson, their son Paul, aged nine, and daughter Rachel, aged seven, died instantly. All three children had been riding in the back of the pick-up. The semi-trailer belonged to Montgomery Earthmoving Co. The youngest Eriksson girl, Miriam, aged three, died at St. Luke’s Hospital.  The semi-trailer was carrying a 12-ton bulldozer. The big truck was driven by Lewis Killigan, who lives in New Jersey. Killigan suffered only minor injuries. He was treated at General Hospital for shock. He was allowed to go home. Police said they have interviewed Killigan. No charges have been filed. The police said a deer jumped into the road in front of the pick-up truck. Killigan told police the pick-up truck swerved to avoid the deer. Police Officer Martha Aminton said she couldn’t confirm Killigan’s story. The police report said there were tire marks on the road indicating the pick-up truck swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic. The semi-trailer was slightly damaged, according to Aminton. Aminton said the pick-up was totaled. The Eriksson family lived at 201 Madison Street in Middlevale. Killigan was bringing the bulldozer in from a job in Freehold, NJ. Hampshire Elementary School principal Jamie Richardson said counselors would be available at the Middlevale school Monday.

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