Abstinence Project. Junk Food Addiction

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You will pretend that you’re giving up junk food for abstinence project. Paper must be done in APA with abstract. Please have these points included in the paper: -discuss the addiction that you gave up – junk food -why you chose junk food to give up -how long you remained abstinent -the longest “clean time” you experienced -how many relapses you experienced -discuss your triggers, cravings, using dreams, and impact on you -what (if anything) did you do to prepare yourself to defeat the triggers/cravings? -how much did you minimize or rationalize use/action when it occured -what you learned from the experience..
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Junk food addiction
Junk food addiction is a serious global issue as it contributes to development of diet-related health complications. A significant proportion of the global population is addicted to junk foods, a phenomenon that is largely attributed to unscrupulous advertisement of unhealthy processed foods. Junk foods constitutes of food stuffs high in calories, salt, sugar, and fat. They have minimal amounts of minerals, vitamins and proteins and health benefits to the individual consuming them. In my case, I was addicted to junk foods such as carbonated beverages, sweet desserts, candy, gum, snack foods, chips and other fried foods. My decision to abstain from junk foods was motivated by realization that I was addicted, gaining weight, exposed to numerous health risks, and that I spent a lot in junk foods. I have remained abstinent for four years, and the longest ???clean time??? I have experienced is two and half years; I have also had numerous relapses. I have handled cravings by delaying gratification, removing available opportunities, urge surfing and through dreams. From my experience I have learned that one can accomplish whatever they set their mind to, addictions are not permanent, suppression of a craving is not a solution, and that opportunity feeds cravings…..ORDER NOW….http://unimasteressays.com/order/

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