Academic Report on e-HRM and outsourcing: The HRM Function in Large Organisations

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For this task you are required to write an academic report with Part A and Part B.
Part A needs to be based on linking Topics 7 and 11 in a discussion on e-HRM and
outsourcing the HRM function in large organizations. The word count for Part A is 1,500
Part B is based on the development of a Workforce Development Strategy for nursing staff
of a large public hospital. The Strategy must address four key elements: career management
skills; coaching and mentoring; conflict management skills and; employee health and well
being. The word count for Part B is 2,000 words.
The total word count is 3,500 words with a minimum of 20 peer reviewed journal articles
You are required to draw upon the existing literature and research to develop your
discussion and conclusions.Part A: The role of e-HRM and outsourcing the HRM functioon in large
organisations (1,500 words)
Part A requires you to make links between Topics 7, 11 and critically discuss these trends
in large organisations by addressing the following:
Discuss the reasons that a large organisation might consider outsourcing the HR
function and what would be the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing such a
Describe how the advances in e-HRM may enable or hinder this process.
Identify the impacts of such a decision on employees.
You are required to draw upon the existing literature and research to develop your
discussion and conclusions.
Part B Workforce Development Strategy (2,000 words)
Part B requires you to develop a Workforce Development Strategy for the nursing staff of a
large public hospital which specifically addresses Topics 8, 9, 10 and 12. You are required
develop a plan for these four elements of this Workforce development strategy which
addresses the needs of the nursing employees in terms of their career management and
workplace health and safety. The elements of this strategy need to address the following:
Career management skills
Coaching and mentoring system
Conflict management skills
Employee health and well being
You will need to evidence the choices you are making in developing this strategy by drawing
upon the academic literature and research.
Please note that this is a REPORT not ESSAY but I DON’T need you to write table of content, executive summary and Recommendation.
PLEASE try to provide some pictures in this report.
1- Journal/ work force development strategy law and governance, Vol.14, no: 1, May 2010.
2- Exploring strategies & resources to plan the nursing workforce of the future, at nursing time Vol.105,29
3- Barrett, al(2009)

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