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Fut Coins member was asked Australians

 Roy Hodgson refuses to talk about FIFA 15 executive committee member .de boycott was reported to the Ethics Committee to ask the governing body in the world ‘money’ in exchange for votes during bidding for FIFA15 but no action was taken, was claimed.Les Murray, an Australian who was the ethics committee of FIFA in time he says the question is asked his superiors aware that people working for the FIFA bid.Sources Australia with knowledge of the demand for money for votes, the unidentified member asked FIFA Ex Co $ 5 million to build a sports center, said. A FIFA executive committee member is reported by asking ‘money’ for FIFA 15 votes Les Murray right said that the question of the FIFA Executive Committee member for superior murray already wondered why his report the incident was not called the ethical conclusions Hans Joachim Eckert judge in the investigation into the FIFA 15 bidding.Murray wrote in his blog on the Australian SBS station on the spot: ‘Three years ago, when I was still in the Ethics Committee of FIFA, I was informed by sources within the Australian bid team that a FIFA executive committee Fut Coins member was asked Australians in cash in exchange for votes.’I reported this information in the supply chain ethics committee at the time, as was my duty, but I see no mention of it in The report .’Eckert and ethics researcher Michael Eckert Garcia will meet after disagreements between the two on the outcome of the investigation Thursday. Researcher Michael Garcia is unhappy with FIFA after the publication of its report on corruptionThe German court last week canceled Russia and Qatar to host the FIFA 15, saying the violation of the bidding rules were for the countries ‘very limited’ Garcia said FIFA notice intention to appeal against the decision because ‘lots of very incomplete and facts’.Meanwhile distortions, extensive research among English fans have 73 percent support a boycott future FIFA 15 as it was supported by all survey countries. FIFA by market research Northstar 420 people interested in FIFA also showed 43.5 percent in favor of a boycott as some other European countries participated in the President. Former FA David Bernstein this week asked FIFA to Dr.

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