ACCU 602 – Week 3 – Discussion – 3.3

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Please remember to:
(1) Answer the questions provided in the prompt
(2) Timeliness – finishing my work by the deadline provided
(3) Use several quotes from the textbooks to support the claims in your writing
(4) APA-citing within the body of your post and end of post references. Please do not plagiarize. Cite all sources.
(6) Please copy and paste EACH question on the line above your answer. You will loose points for each question not answered.
ACCU 602: (The class is called Accounting – Financial Reporting Analysis, so please try to write from that perspective)
Elliot, Barry & Elliot, Jamie: Financial accounting and reporting, Prentice Hall, London 2004, ISBN 0-273-70364-1, p. 3,
Writer- please do not ask me for the textbook because I do not have it. Your company told me that you would be able to find the book online.
Please Review-
1. watch the Subaru video:
Subaru – Zero Land Fill
Take a look at the Subaru website and read about their recent environmental initiatives:
Also watch the video on their manufacturing process (once you click on the link above it is under the manufacturing process" tab in the middle.
2. People, Planet and Profits by Fisk
3. And CNBC site on Sustainability at Work-
Review the first 4 articles on Sustainability at Work:
Finally, for the paper, Analyze and comment on how you could employ the Triple Bottom Line at your office or home now.
-Writer please make up something for me that sounds good. I am a full-time student so please make up something good about me employing sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) in my home. I am a young female college student so please keep that in mind (don’t write about dirt bikes or something too boy-ish)

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