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I am doing a Master in Acute Care Nursing, I have previously worked 1 year in a neuro ICU, 2 years in a pediatric ICU, 1 year in a neonatal ICU and 3 years in a ear-nose-throat-jaw ward. It would be nice if the case study was from one of these areas, but it is not a must. I just want this paper to be as good as possible:)
Please use the textbook: Jarvis, C. (2008), Physical examination and Health Assessment. Saunders Elsevier St Louis Missouri as one of the references.
This assessment piece will assess the following learning objectives:
1. Analyse and apply a theoretical base to practice in holistic history taking and assessment enabling understanding of subjective and objective information for patients and other sources.
2. Conduct a complete history and physical examination and record findings in a comprehensive, systematic and cohesive manner.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body and apply this to history taking and assessment in order to elicit and act on normal findings, and more common abnormal findings.
4. Assess patients stable, unpredictable and complex health care needs in a timely manner through synthesis and prioritization of historical and available data.
5. Make decisions about use of investigative options that are judicious, patient focused and informed by clinical findings
6. Demonstrate confidence in own ability to identify normal and abnormal states of health through synthesis and interpretation of assessment information including client history, physical findings and results of investigations to inform differential diagnosis.
8. Describe, analyze and evaluate findings, synthesizing an action plan for the patient.
9. Apply the principles for exampling practice when changes occur in the context of practice within own specialty clinical practice.
10. Communicate a clam, confident and knowing approach to client care that brings comfort and emotional support to the patient and their family.
11. Demonstrate effective, collegial relationships with other health professionals that reflect confidence in the contribution that nursing makes to client outcomes.

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