ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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The research paper will be a thorough review and discussion of the topic you chose in Written Assignment Week Two. As described in Week Two, the paper should be a review of a specific psychological disorder studied in the field of biopsychology, along with a review and analysis of methods used in biopsychology to investigate the cause of the disorder and to treat the disorder. You will base your review on specific studies of different methodological approaches of biopsychology to understanding and treating the disorder. (Note: It is important that you choose methodological approaches that you understand and are comfortable discussing in detail. For example, you should not choose gene knockout technology in the study of alcohol abuse if you are weak in the area of genetics and molecular genetics.)
Criteria For this paper must be followed
Introduction: The thesis statement must be the last sentence on the introduction (topic and problem statement clearly defined).
Body of Paper: must have CATEGORIES AND SUB-CATEGORIES and a summary and analysis of the FIVE literature review sources relevant to this assignment clearly identified with an extensive examination of the possible biological causes. The discussion critiques the primary studies and their interpretation of the data presented. The literature review sources and overview was completed by writer #26005 and has copies on file to follow.
Conclusion: must include a restatement of the thesis statement that was mentioned in the last sentence of the introduction together with other concluding statements.
This paper must follow the APA 6th Edition.
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