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I would like to have an honest tone. I’ve struggled a little bit with my college experience and received a set of bad grades since i failed to realize that i can withdraw from my class. But my transcript will show that i fought back. I want to go for Music therapy. I feel a very strong connection and passion in this field and there arent many schools around me that offer this major. I want to be given a chance. Where I lack in talent, i know i can compensate with hard work and dedication. I’ve been in community college and will be gettign an associates in Music performance. Ever since, I was little I ca remember that emotional connection with music. I fee like Ive used it ever since i can remember from 3 to 4 years old. as an emotional child with a struggling childhood, I sung with emotion that was yearning to be release. And to use this belief as a healing prospective?! would be beyond words… I know im meant for this. I dotn see an alternative route or profession.
I want the essay perhaps to echo a honest yet philosophical tone. I’ve learned so much in life. from going through, a competitive high shcool for the arts in philadelphia (CAPA) (where i felt inspiring yet unnutured) to moving out at 16 and having a child, and doign the whole single mom ordeal, and learning and growing in my mental and emotional self that i find personally healing through music. Its the place i know that fits me most, where i am home .
I will upload my artist statement. Hopefully this is enough info to deliver an essay.

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