Adult Learning

Adult Learning

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Merriam et al. Text: Review Chapters 1-3

The book is called learning in adulthood third edition by sharan b merriam and rosmary caffarella


a. In at least 3 paragraphs, summarize what you learned in this unit, infusing your own personal experience (or someone else’s that you witnessed) to illustrate your

points. (This journaling exercise [along with those from Units 2-4] will provide the framework of your final project – a sizeable critical reflection of your ED 308

Adult Learning journey.) Be sure to answer these questions:
i. Detail characteristics of American society that have shaped or affected learning in your adult life.
ii. Describe settings in which learning opportunities have presented themselves to you—formal, informal, non-formal, and /or online.
iii. Discuss what motivates you to enroll in courses or to take on independent learning projects.
iv. Express how your learning experiences are set apart from those in childhood.

Written Assignment: Grading

Rubric / Assignment Checklist
– Insights and Ideas:
Integrates or synthesizes concepts in an original and innovative way; shows previous knowledge from career or life experience.
– Integration of Source Materials:
Demonstrates learning related to course; shows evidence of having read text.
30 points
– Grammar and Mechanics:
Conscientious about spelling, punctuation, capitalization and/or sentence structure and fluency.
10 points
– Organization & Use of Prescribed Formats:
Introduction with thesis statement.
Body with at least (3) main paragraphs; each begins with a clear topic sentence.
Conclusion that highlights thesis and main points.
Papers are at least (5) pages long.
5 points
– APA Style:
Meticulous about page setup (headers, subtitles).
Citations within text, reference page format, etc.
5 points
50 points use someone else personal story


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