Adult Nurse Practitioner

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1. issues and challenges (identify and explain three professional issues or challenges inherent in the role of adult NP-3 references in this section no older than 3 years ago, peer review).
2. philosophy of nursing (how congruent would adult NP be with a philosophy of nursing that is holistic, focused from a health prospective, and which values an individual’s spirituality and a quest for God? why or why not? 3 references needed in recent 3 years).
3. caring (how would the concept of "caring" be incorporated into adult NP role? elaborate. explain 3 points. use 3 sources).
4. ethical issues (what are some of the ethical issues adult NP’s face? elaborate on 3 issues and use 3 sources).
5. legal implications (what are three legal implications in the role of adult NP? use 3 sources)

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