Advanced bubble Wicked problem: Disaster recovery and housing shortages

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Advanced bubble
Wicked problem: Disaster recovery and housing shortages
Business idea: Strong sphere-shaped structures made of recycled lightweight materials with components that are easy to assemble and relocate. Once assembled, the Advanced Bubble can be used as living quarters that are water tight and convert to floating vessels in disaster zones where flooding limits accessible dry land. The Advanced Bubble can also be used as short-term housing as a first response in disaster zones or medium-term housing in reconnaissance work for emergency workers and refugee accommodation.
Identify the strengths of the allocated proposal allocated to you
Recommend improvements using the guidelines that will be provided on Blackboard and will be discussed in lectures and tutorials (see below**)
Justify the improvements by showing how it helps to alleviate the intractable problem more effectively than the original proposal
Use an academic writing style
You should recommend improvements in the following way: (1) modify the idea you were allocated and provide details of the improvements you have made, ie) a description of your business proposal; (2) ensure that the business opportunity satisfies equally the needs of people, the planet and profits; (3) ensure that the business opportunity you develop is both original and feasible.

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