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Please follow strictly with what is required.
Basically, This is a legal research paper. You are given the scenario where the main issue is related to Environment Protection. And this research paper requires you to identify potential issues that may arise in the scenario. All you have to do is to create a research table which outlines different issues – relevant legislation, if possible, research on some case law and international agreements that relate to the topic.
In page 2, you have to write a 2 pages long legal memorandum which explains the potential liabilities for each particular issue and what remedies could the plaintiff claim or what defense the defendant could raise. In part b, you have to show your ability to conduct the research by typing in key words in Australia, Lexis Nexis, West law etc and show your difficulties when conducting the research.
Please use ACLG as the referencing style. There’s no need for a referencing list and footnotes are needed.

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