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use more simple words and sentences. do not too complicated.
The following ad campaign, for the website JobsInTown (a career search database), was launched as an outdoor marketing campaign. Please review the campaign at the following website:
Complete the assignment instructions below. When submitting this assignment, PLEASE COPY AND PASTE your write-up into the assignment box. DO NOT ATTACH YOUR ASSIGNMENT AS A WORD DOCUMENT.
Assignment Instructions:
Review the campaign and write a 2-3 page, double-spaced reflection (approximately 750 words). This write-up should be your own personal opinion, and should not feature any insights from news outlets or other opinion leaders on the campaign. In your reflection, you should answer the following questions (Please list each question as a heading in your write-up, and answer it in complete sentence, paragraph format):
1. What is the campaign about? (Describe the campaign, its message, key elements, etc.)
2. What are the campaign objectives?
3. What is the campaign’s strategy? How would you describe it?
4. Do you consider the campaign to be effective or ineffective? Why?
5. Who is this campaign for? How does it relate (or not) to you?

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