Afrocentric marketing

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Write an essay of at least 1550 words of the following question, in which you develop a clear argument that draws on the material from readings, lectures, discussions.
Discuss the “Afrocentric marketing” detailed in “Money Has no Smell” in light of the issues of race, branding, culture, and globalization we have covered this semester.
In-text citations and works cited: When quoting or paraphrasing an author, give their name and page number in parentheses, i.e. (Marx, 254). Provide a Works Cited page at the end of your paper. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.
Please use W.E.B. Dubois “of Our Spiritual Strivings” pgs 7-14 and Michelle Alexander “the New Jim Crow” Pages 1-26 as sources in addition to Paul Stoller ” Money Has no Smell: The Africanization of New York City”

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