Air Cargo Hubbing and Combination and All-Cargo Air Cargo Operations.

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A topic related to air cargo management and operations.
Assessment brief: Individual analytical report related to air cargo hubbing and combination and all-cargo air cargo operations.
*Select two major air cargo hub airports, for example, HongKong International Airport, Osaka’s Kansai International Airport or Singapore’s Changi Airport, and research that country’s current air cargo industry– either domestic or international or both – this will be used as a basic framework for your air cargo hub airports review .
*Analyse the reasons of how and why the two air cargo hub airports have reached their current market and strategic position.
*Assess and report on the logistics services provided by the two selected air cargo hub airports.
*Identify current issues influencing the two airport’s air cargo business model and the market segments in which they are competing.
*Discuss/explain how factors like proximity to air cargo shippers, airline networks, including freighter services, airport infrastructure and facilities,airport costs, airport air cargo marketing strategies, and geographical location have influenced business performance and how can these and other factors be used to improve the airport’s air cargo services into the future. Give examples of current problems being experienced by the chosen air cargo hub airports and how they can be addressed.
*Quantify and report on the two selected air cargo hub airports business performance in terms of air cargo traffic throughput – export, import and transfer air cargo for the past five to ten years.
The report document can be developed around the fol
lowing main headings:
*Executive Summary
A one-page summary of the whole paper – this is mandatory (maximum 400 words).
The introduction sets the tone for the report. It has two major aims: to introduce the research problem in a suitable context, and to stimulate the reader’s interest.
Introduction of objectives and how objectives will be achieved also involved in this chapter.
*Main Body of the Report
This will include:
o A “Literature Review” section in which you review information you have found and selected to use relating to the research problem.
o A “Results, Analysis and Discussion” section in which you present results;interpret results; discuss results. In this context the term “results”implies data or other forms of information that you have found from the open literature or developed after using that information.
*Conclusions and Recommendations
Have all elements of the assessment task scope been achieved”? To what extent have the objectives been achieved? What has been learnt from the results? How can this knowledge be used? What are the shortcomings of the research or the research methodology? What are the implications of the study? etc.

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