Analysis the change of customer loyalty on commercial bank in the UK

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Background,Research aim and objectives,Literature review,
Research methodology,
Ethical considerations,
(I am a banking and finance student,I hope the proposal can more information about banking,Now ,I have some idea about aims,I hope you can use and change ,let it become prefect)
Research aim and objectives
The main aim of the survey is to analysis the change of customer loyalty on commercial bank in the UK. The survey objectives are as follows.
1.To determine the theoretical framework of customer loyalty;
2. To analyse the change in the bank industry during difference periods;
3.To analyse the change in the bank industry in the UK if overseas bank into UK market;
4.To access customers’ satisfaction to bank and their loyalty to bank;
5.To analyse the factors that influence the change of customer loyalty to commercial bank, especially in the UK;
6.To access how actually does customer loyalty changed into better financial results for a commercial bank and provide suggestions to bank in the UK to enhance customer loyalty;

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