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Students will collect and analyze 20 different song lyrics that relate to psychology. Using what you have learned in our class, show how the lyrics from the songs you?ve chosen illustrate different psychological concepts.ÿ Use the Table of Contents as the cover page in the folder. ?ÿÿ ÿFull lyrics for 20 songs including bibliographical sources ? worth 1.5 points each ?ÿÿ ÿParagraph explanation (1-3 sentences) for how each song illustrates a concept from class. ?ÿÿ ÿFolder with brads to hold your items (no plastic folders please!) Write a paper 500-600 words reflecting upon your collection of song lyrics.ÿ Choose at least five songs and explain how the lyrics illustrate psychological concepts.ÿ Consider the following questions: Why did you choose those songs?ÿ How do they relate to you ? personally and/or professionally?ÿ What were some of insights you have gained from this class that helps you ? personally and/or professionally?ÿ Explain your ideas. Ru Essay writing Help

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