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Annotated bibliography
(1) Produce an annotated bibliography covering twenty (20) research articles from published peer-reviewed academic journals.
(2) You should provide an overview of each article, detailing what the researcher(s) investigated, how data was collected, how it was analyzed and what conclusions were drawn.
(3) There are at least five (5) articles employing each of the following statistical procedures: T-tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, Correlation, Regression, other Time Series techniques.
(4) Limit each overview of the article entry to a 150 word discussion.
(5) All references MUST adhere strictly to an APA style.
(6) Five points (5) for each research entry, as follows:
a. Is it stated what the researcher(s) investigated?
b. Is it stated how the data were collected?
c. Is it stated how the data were analyzed (which statistical techniques
were used)?
d. Is it stated why the statistical technique was selected?
e. Are the references in paper APA style?
Granucci, P.R., Huffman, V.L., & Couch, A.S. (1994). “Effect of Wine Training on Restaurants Sales of Wine,” International Journal of Wine Marketing. 6(3). 11-19.
The researchers addressed the question of what effect wine instruction has on sales of wine in restaurants. Utilizing a quasi-experimental study, food servers were given a pre-test followed by wine education and concluded with a post test to gauge knowledge. A comparison of the trained server group knowledge scores versus an untrained group’s knowledge scores was analyzed using ANOVA and significance between the groups was found. Further, there was found to be no difference in knowledge levels between males and females. Although this study used ANOVA, it could have been done using t-tests because the independent variables of gender and educated versus uneducated only had two levels each and they did not explore nor report interaction effects.

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