Anthropology research paper

page- from 8-15 Times roman 10 font.

From the three topics attached endeavor where possible to make connections/links between articles. In the body of the paper make sure that you provide page number

references when you are quoting directly (p. 12) <(like that). Include these main topics in the paper.

1)kind of ethnographic fieldwork did the author conduct? Is it clear how much time was spent doing ethnographic fieldwork? Also how does the author include themselves in the article (if they do at all)? Do they share in day-to-day work? Do they have a fictive kin status in the fieldsite where they conducted research? What events did they attend (on a regular basis?) in support of the research discussed in the article?

Do we get much of a sense of the anthropologist being present in the field or not?

(2)Methodsand Presentation Data: What kind of data did the author collect? And then, what did the author do with this data/ how was it analyzed? By data I mean the raw material the author collects that is what their findings are ultimately based on. Is their data based on

interviews with individuals? Attending church services? Listening to/recording radio or other media programs? Documents? Hanging out on a porch? A combination of resources? Photos/Figures/Maps/Tables: Also, in the article, does the author use photographs, drawings, and/or tables or figures? Photographs/figures can be a very important part of how the author helps makes their case/prove a point. Excerpts/Quotes: Also this is extremely important for 388, but also valuable in (480) what kinds of excerpts/direct quotes might an author include in their article?

Does the author include direct quotes from informants? … or excerpts of songs/prayers/texts? If the author does this, they are using primary datawords collected directly from a person or a spoken/sung/written text that is important/key to their discussion. Pay special attention to these, and try to find ways to include direct quotation from these kinds of passages in your paper. (Always include a page number reference when you quote directly from an article).

(3)The role of religion/major findings/authors contributions to anthropology of religion How EXACTLY is religion a part of the analysis? How is religion viewed/looked at? How is religion working in the particular case focused on in the articles youre looking at? How does it effect/inform social relations? Does the article focus on issues of belief or practice? In all scholarly articles like the ones you are reading for this assignment, authors will discuss both what their findings are as well as what is special or unique about these findings (their contributions). Findings: There may be one main finding, or several. In each case, the author will have conducted research that ultimately yielded some kind of report-able finding.

One tip on working on this project is to look at the conclusion before reading the

entire article so that you know what to anticipate so you can watch how the author develops their argument/discussion that leads up to their conclusion/findings. Contributions:In academic writing, it is important for authors to make some kind of claim not just about what their findings are, but regarding how their research and findings show or do something new. This something new or even just slightly different angle

is considered what they have contributed to the anthropological study of religion. What is the hook in each article youre focusing on that the author claims is special/new/has been previously overlooked/underappreciated, etc. The unique/special contribution could be very modest, but authors must always in some way make a claim about what they did that hadnt been done before. Warning: It is also an important part of academic writing to place oneself within a line or argument/theory. What that means is that much space in these articles will be devoted to some kind of engagement with theoretical argument. I am not asking that students report on this. This part of academic articles is typically full of difficult jargon for non-specialists and I dont expect you to engage with it or understand it all. Please dont stress about the theoretical arguments too much. Try to focus on the type of fieldwork anthropologists did, what kind of data they focused on and collected and described in the article, what their central findings seem to be, and how they claim they have contributed something interesting and new to an anthropology of religion.

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