Application: Your School’s Support for English Language Learners

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Application: Your School’s Support for English Language Learners
This week’s Learning Resources provide an overview of the different types of programs available for supporting English language learners in schools. These programs and instructional approaches exhibit a great deal of variety on many levels, including the extent to which students’ native languages are incorporated in the course of instruction. Reflect on the characteristics of effective school programs for ELLs, as presented by Dr. Stritikus. Next, bring to mind your particular school’s programs for and approaches toward ELLs. Consider how well your school matches up against the characteristics Dr. Stritikus describes.
To prepare for this assignment:
> Review the information from this week’s Learning Resources related to the different types of programs and instructional methods.
> If possible and if applicable, observe in an ELL classroom and/or interview an ELL specialist to understand the programs offered at your school.
> Talk with your principal and/or other individuals involved in supporting ELLs within your school.
The assignment:
> Based upon what you have learned, write an essay evaluating how your school is doing with respect to supporting ELLs at a schoolwide level. Compare your school’s efforts to support ELLs against the characteristics of effective schools detailed by Dr. Stritikus in this week’s media segments. Further, describe what you believe your role should be, as a classroom teacher, in ensuring that ELLs are supported at your school. (Assignment length: 7-8 pages)

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