Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Unit Name : Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics
Unit Value : 15 Credits
Unit Code : J/601/1496
Date Set: 3/08/2015 Due Date: 10/08/2015
Notes to Students
• Proper format for the assignment should be followed including table of contents,
executive summary, page numbering etc.
• Include a last chapter in your report about the limitations of your report and write
any difficulty you faced while collecting data. Critically evaluate your work if possible.
• Give proper evidence of all your activities for completing the tasks e.g. videos,
pictures, visiting cards, or reference letter of personnel from whom data is collected.
• The safety of your assessments is your responsibility. You must not permit another
student access to your work. And upon completion of each task keep a backup of the
work completed by for e.g. keeping a copy in your email inbox etc. So, that no excuses
are put forward on the day of submission.
Plagiarism Policy
The Campus has strict penalty for plagiarism and the assignment will be cancelled if
the assignment is observed for this.
The definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below:
Plagiarism occurs when a student misrepresents, as his/her own work, the work, written or
otherwise, of any other person (including another student) or of any institution.
Examples of forms of plagiarism include:
• The verbatim (word for word) copying of another’s work without appropriate and
correctly presented acknowledgement;
• The close paraphrasing of another’s work by simply changing a few words or altering
the order of presentation, without appropriate and correctly presented
• Unacknowledged quotation of phrases from another’s work;
• The deliberate and detailed presentation of another’s concept as one’s own.
All types of work submitted by students are covered by this definition, including, written
work, diagrams, designs, drawings and pictures.
Resources Required
General Instructions
•Books and online resources can be used of the Campus library and Central Computer Lab
for any assistance. But direct copying from these resources is not allowed.
• For the Visits you need to conduct a reference letter could be obtained from the Campus if
necessary and the manager of the organization is welcome to contact the administration at
the college if required
• The college has strict penalty for plagiarism and the assignment will be cancelled if the
assignment is observed for this.
• Proper referencing should be given in the Harvard Style
•All work should be comprehensively referenced and all sources must be acknowledged
fully, this includes books & journals used as well websites visited. Details such as page
numbers, publishers and publication year should also be stated, in addition to the name of
the author(s) and publication. Books, articles and journals should be the main sources;
online sources are allowed up to 15%
• The Assignment should have a cover page that has assignment title, assignment number,
course title, unit title, lecturer / tutor name and student’s name.
•Attach all the pages of assignment brief with your report as annexure at the end.
• Ensure that statement of authenticity has been signed and attached as the first page of your
• Contents sheet (TOC) with a list of all headings and page numbers is must for your
• Use A4 page size, 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing.
• Your assignment should be word-processed and should not exceed 4500 words in length
(or 20 pages). Exhibits / appendices are outside this limit
• Pages should be numbered (bottom right hand corner)
• Spell-check the document and read thoroughly for grammatical errors
Intentionally Blank
Problem 1:
Problem aim:
1. Test the knowledge to read and interpret pneumatic and hydraulic fluid
power diagrams.
Q1. How are you symbolizing a control valve with correct numbering
system according to ISO 1219 standards? Explain with the relevant
drawings. Give symbols of double solenoid 5/3 valves and manually
operated with spring return 4/2 valves. [P1.1]
Q2. A pneumatic motor is planned to be used at a vehicle workshop as a nut
fastening and tightening tool. Design and produce a circuit for a
pneumatic reversible motor having speed control in both directions.
[P.3.2] [M2].
Q3. Two sensors are inspecting items travelling on a conveyer. Sensors give
following digital outputs.
Sensor 1: 0- Idle
1- Item Arrived
Sensor 2: 0-Good Item
1-Bad Item
It is necessary to develop a system to,
1. Hold each item
2. Print on each item whether it is good or bad.
Q3.1 Evaluate the advantages of using pneumatic actuators for this task [P4.1]
Q4. The factory has a 100kg metal sheet lifting mechanism developed using a
pneumatic cylinder.
a. Calculate the minimum resultant piston area required to lift the metal
sheet if the system pressure is 6Mpa. [P4.2]
Q5. Consider the system shown below.
Piston A has a diameter of 20cm and it is having a full bore length of
40cm. Diameter of Piston B is 40cm and it has a load of 200kg acting on
its rod.
Calculate the height the piston B will move for a complete play of Piston
A, if you used,
a. An uncompressible fluid.
b. Air (with a compression ratio of 1% per 1kPa).
Pass descriptors Indicative characteristics Contextualized
× /√ Feedback
In order to achieve a
Pass the learner must:
The learner’s evidence
To achieve the grade
you will need to:
P1 Use critical
reflection to evaluate
own work and justify
valid conclusions
• The validity of results
has been evaluated
using defined criteria
The validity of results
has been evaluated
using defined criteria
to give an opinion in
Q4.1 (b) in Problem 3.
P1 Take
responsibility for
managing and
organizing activities
• Autonomy/independenc
e has been
Students should
throughout this
submission. (It is
compulsory to submit
a softcopy of all the
designs for plagiarism
P1 Demonstrate
creative thinking
• Ideas have been
generated and decisions
• Innovation and creative
thought have been
Ideas have been
generated and
decisions taken,
innovation and
creative thought have
been applied while
doing the design in
Q3.1 of Problem 3.

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