Architecture Assignment: Evaluation of the Visual Environment

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This assignment requires the student to demonstrate an understanding of, and ability to apply the material from modules 1 to 3. (Theory of light and surfaces) [the lecture slides for modules 1-3 will be uploaded] Students will analyse the interactions between surfaces and light.
* Choose a real architectural space where electric light is interacting with multiple surfaces, such as a lift, bathroom etc.
* Describe the space you have chosen.
* Conduct a critical analysis of how light interacts with surfaces without the use of diagrams, formulas or photographs. Discuss at least three of the following topics:
* Additional marks will be awarded for:
The use of quality information to support your analysis
Inclusion of material found in the modules1 to 3, which supports your analysis or description
* Submit as a fully referenced (APA format) essay of 750 words.
Assignment1 Due ? Monday 20th January, 11:59pm
Clear writing is important in your assignments?be straightforward and don?t try to sound ?fancy?
Further instructions will be uploaded as ‘assignment instructions’ word doc.

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