Argue for a reduction of private FDI globally because it can cause harm to a certain sector or even the country’s overall economy over the long run

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Because U.S. enterprises abroad are almost all wholly owned by the parent company,
investors have no opportunity to buy stock in some of the most successful companies in
their own country. Foreign investors in such enterprises can have only a miniscule voice
in determining the policies of these companies in their own countries.

Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the United States has placed an embargo on exports to Communist China, North Korea, North VietNam and Cuba. An American corporation in Canada would be violating U.S. law if it exported to these countries. On the other hand, Canada has no embargo on trade with these countries, except in strategic goods on the agreed NATO list. The decision of Canadian branches or subsidiaries of U.S. companies not to export to these countries is opposed to Canadian foreign policy, impairs the country’s balance of payments, and holds down production, employment and income.

If foreign governments believe that the operations of U.S. enterprises place pressure on
their economic and foreign policies, they will inevitably decide to exert counterpressure
to neutralize the dominance of American firms. Such a game of pressure and
counter-pressure cannot be in the long-run interests of either country. If the United
States adopts policies designed to permit private companies to assume and retain a
dominant role in the economies of unwilling hosts, it will encounter resistance that will
inevitably spread from the economic to the diplomatic sphere.

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