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Write a 700-1000 word opinion piece (op-ed) about an issue of concern to you. It can be a local, national, international or campus issue. For your background, you should review 3-4 op-ed pieces that have appeared in newspapers over the last few months.
2. Requirements
Your opinion piece must:
1. Contain a title.
2. Make an argument (have a clear thesis).
3. Include data.
4. Include at least two outside references (you cannot use Wikipedia as a reference).
5. Use the following format: Times New Roman Font, 11- or 12-pt; 1 inch margins, single spaced
6. Include page numbers!
7. Include in the references the 3-4 opinion pieces that you reviewed.
3. Writing Guidelines
1. Do NOT plagiarize. Properly cite any work when you use quotes, paraphrase, or refer to an idea that has already been used by someone else.
2. Write in complete sentences.
3. Write in paragraph form.
4. Use footnotes to reference outside sources and data.
5. Do NOT use wikipedia as a reference.
6. Do not abbreviate.
7. Be sure to check your spelling. Points will be deducted for misspelled and/or incorrect words.
REMEMBER: There is no correct answer. Your paper will be graded on the following: (1) thoughtfulness and clarity of argument, (2) quality of writing, (3) use of supporting data and statistics, and (4) correct spelling and grammar.

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