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Two pages Argumentative Essay. Rebuttal argumentative essay on OUTSOURCING. The essay must include a Thesis statement. No Introduction. No Conclusion. Please give links to the sources. Thanks,
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Author’s name Institution Date Outsourcing, which is the act of transacting somebody else to do your job or job of the company is spreading very fast in many continents of the world. This has been made possible by advancement of information technology, making it possible for outsourcers to get the best service in the world. This paper will look at rebuttal argument on outsourcing Proponents of this argument believe that the advancement of computer and information technology has made companies to go global, thereby becoming difficult to be managed from the office. As a result, it becomes appropriate to outsource such services so that it can be economically viable to venture into expansion of the business. Subsequently, outsourcing is appropriate when time frame is short, calling for outsourcing of some services in order to provide meat deadline. For example, a company may get a big contract to train people all over the world in ICT. Due to time constraint, such company may decide to outsource the required instructors with an aim of meeting the target………ORDER NOW….@..

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