One of Delacroix most famous paintings is :

Liberty Leading the People (28th July 1830)


But he has a very interesting biography. He has many paintings based on sketches from his travels in the mideast.


The Sultan of Morocco and his Entourage


The Abduction of Rebecca


The Death of Sardanapalus

1827 (Web Gallery of Art has a few close up views too)

Jacques-Louis David was an important artist just after the French Revolution. His works are considered one of the prime examples of “Neo-Classical art” Compare the examples of Delacroix’s work to other works by Delacroix. Are there any characteristics? Also, what do you notice about Delacroix’s work in comparison to Jacques-Louis David’s work . Is there a difference of mood or temperament. Jacques-Louis David was an important artist just after the French Revolution. His works are considered one of the prime examples of “Neo-Classical art”.

Paintings by David and Videos about Jacque Louis David

Delacroix was one of the first artists of the Romantic period. It is characterized by “looser”, less precise and broader brushmarks. It also tends to use dramatic subjects. Sometimes the objects are things in nature or of faraway places. Do any of these characteristics show up in any of the above paintings.

Post a  interesting painting by Delacroix.


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Conflict and Resistance – The Body Watch Programs 12 and 13.

Here’s a link to the descriptions of the programs.

Here’s the description for Program 12 and 13.


12)  Conflict and Resistance

Throughout history, groups and individuals have sought not only to maintain control over their own lives, but also to assert their power over the lives of others. Visual art has played an important role in documenting such conflict and resistance. It also has served as a means for expressing personal views on politics, war, social inequities, and the human condition. Moroccan-born photographer Lalla Essaydi addresses the complex reality of Arab female identity from the perspective of personal experience.


13) The Body

From painting to sculpture, body art to performance art, the body has figured prominently in the creative expression of nearly all cultures from the beginning of civilization. Through art, the body becomes a site for defining individual identity, constructing sex and gender ideals, negotiating power, and experimenting with the nature of representation itself. Multimedia performance artist Shigeyuki Kihara makes powerful statements about the depiction of Samoan people, shared memory, societal roles, and sexuality.


For the discussion board essay for this program – Describe what each program is about. Then, describe your reaction or opinion of what you saw in each the programs. Give at least 4 major topics from each program. Name 2 or 3 items  in each show that you thought were interesting.


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– Matisse and Boucher This week, we are comparing Henri Matisse and Francoise Boucher:

Henri Matisse:

Henri Matisse, Le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life),1905-1906

Oil on canvas, (69 1/8 x 94 7/8 in)

For Francoise Boucher:

Boucher’s Pan and Syrinx is available from wikimedia at

I like the description that the National Gallery of London provides for this one.

This is a different painting by Boucher but, the video may be helpful.


1)This week we are comparing to works of two French figure painters,Henri Matisse and Francoise Boucher. Find at least 3 characteristics ofeach painters work as you look at “The Joy of Life” and “Pan and Syrinx”. (The links to the paintings are above.)

The biographical information (and our class checklist) should help you find characteristics.

2)Compare the scenes by these two artists. Describe the changes in styleand the differences in mood. Why do you prefer one over the other?

3)Then, post an example of each painter’s work that you feel is mostcharacteristic of that painter. Be sure to explain why. If you post alink, you may have to work in an additional window to create  link.Otherwise, I get a link that goes back to our Blackboard class. It’s more interesting if we cancompare work art show style.

For Henri Matisse:

Read the Biography on Matisse:

Look at his other paintings:

Matissehas other paintings with a similar title as “Luxe, calme et volupte”. Be sure to pay extra attention to these paintings. He also has otherpaintings of sunbathers on the beach.

Here’s another of Boucher’s nudes.

Biographical information on Francoise Boucher:

Additional Works by Francoise Boucher:

Notice Boucher’s other mythological and nude figure paintings.

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