Article Analysis

Select one published article from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal (see your Course Guide for an explanation of a peer-reviewed, scholarly, published journal article) from the University of the Rockies online library located on the left menu of the course home page. The article should be less than six years-old and will pertain to any of the below issues in adult development:

•Physical changes

•Healthy aging

•Health and illness

Critically analyze your selected article by including the following 10 items in a 2-3 page APA formatted paper. Refer to the APA Publication Manual on the levels of headings and a for sample of the basic APA format structure of your paper.

•Cover page (see the APA manual)

•Brief summary of the article

•How old is the article (publication year)?

•What is the length (number of pages)?

•What is the purpose or hypothesis?

•What is the method, the design or procedures employed for the study?

•Discuss the findings or conclusions

•Discuss the strengths/weaknesses

•Discuss the value that this study has to the field of adult development

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