Article Analysis Assignment

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Article Analysis Assignment
To develop your skills at reading research articles and critically analyzing them, you will choose articles from the course readings, which you will analyze and turn in to me. Two of the analyses should be of empiricalarticles from the course readings, and one can be a review article. Each analysis will be worth 50 points. These article analyses should be 4 double spaced pages.
For empirical articles address the following:
1. What were the research questions or hypotheses in this study?Research questions are often stated as “The purpose of this study was to…” If there are specific hypotheses, please list them.
2. What was the rationale for the study? The rationale refers to why the study was conducted in the first place. In other words, the article’s introduction always presents some background literature where “gaps in the literature” or “conflicting information” or “no prior research exists” is exposed. Thus, the author is presenting a case about why the study should have been done, i.e., what is the study’s relevance to the field and how will the results extend our current knowledge?
3. Describe the research methods of the study. If there is more than one study in each article, describe them separately
a. Describe which tools were employed to collect the data, e.g., surveys, interviews, observations, standardized tests, etc.?
b. Provide a description of the research participants. For example, questions of gender, ethnicity, age, and other pertinent demographic descriptors should be addressed here.
c. Describe what data were collected.What was measured in the study? Examples might include employee satisfaction, creativity, workplace deviance, or achievement motivation.
d. Describe the results.
4. In general, what interpretations were made by the author(s) of their findings? The author’s interpretations can be found in the Discussion section at the end of the article.Do you agree with the interpretations?
5. Relate the findings either to your own life.
For review articles address the following:
1. Justify the relevance of the chosen article to the course material. Why do you think this article was chosen for the course? What information does it add to the Feldman chapter on the topic that the article covers?
2. Summarize the major points of the literature review article.What points did the authors get across?
3. Discuss your interpretation or reaction to the article. What did you think of the points the authors made? Do you agree or disagree with them?
4. Relate the main points of the article to your own life.

The first article analysis is due October 1, and the article you choose should come from articles on the syllabus up to that date.
The second article analysis is due November 5, andthe article you choose should come from articles on the syllabus between September 26 and November 5.
The third article analysis is due December 5, and the article you choose should come from articles on the syllabus between November 5 and December 5.
Grading scale for homework assignments*
46-50 points Thorough, thoughtful, superbly organized
40-45 points Adequate reasonably organized and clear
36-39 points Marginally correct, unclear in many cases
32-35 points Unsatisfactory responses for many items
<32 points Homework incomplete or unsatisfactory for most items 0 points Homework not submitted *1-5 points will be deducted from any homework assignment that is poorly written, with regard to grammar, syntax, or paragraph construction.

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