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Please read everything. Instructions are below. Please be familiar with Research Methods. Please be sure that you have the research methods textbook that i mentioned below. No plagiarism whatsoever.
I want to order a professional journal article evaluation paper and complete it for my Research methods class. You must first be able to send me the journal article to be approved by my professor before starting the evaluation.
Instructions: Journal Article Evaluation
Students will select an article from a professional journal that illustrates an experiment. This article will be carefully evaluated using the guidelines presented in Appendix B ( page 533) of the Shutt text ( Investigating the Social World, 7th edition, by Russell Shutt) and from the materials provided by the instructor. Students must remember this is not a journal article review but a critique of the research methodology.
Some of the topics that interest me are, lung cancer, epilepsy, criminology, juvenile delinquency.These are important to me because my mother passed from lung cancer, I know people with epilepsy, and the other two are basically what i study. Professor said this is the first step to an evaluation: clarify your purpose for reading and evaluating. Why am i evaluating this article?
we will have to do this in steps. It is a little different from just writing a paper. We will keep in touch as to what is needed to complete the article evaluation.
Above it ask for paper topic and below it ask for subject area, it is what you choose to be the article therefore I left it blank.
If it turns out that it will take more than 5 pages please let me know.
I will be sending material to you that the professor has provided, once I get the article approved.

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