Artificial Heart (Biomedical Engineering)

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This a Biomedical Engineering class called artificial organ.Here is the research question:
Review all currently available assist,bridge to transplant,or partial heart devices(many devices can act as two of theses devices)describe each in at least 2 paragraphs(1/3 page)and list the pros and cons for each device.You may use web based resources,pubMed,or similar sources.
At the conclusion of your description of these pumps,make your choice as to which of theses pumps you believe is the ‘best’ choice and state with a good explanation of why.This last portion should be a minimum of 1/2 page.Do not choose the multiple disk centrifugal pump as your best choice.
I will send you some class notes.Please please it is very important than anything else that you use academic articles that is available online for free and without a need to purchase or register to get them .Because both my teacher and I need to get an access to it and check it out and review it.So please do not put me in trouble with my teacher i am telling you from now. It is serious work and you should not make copy and paste with out citing.You can use as many sources as you want.

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