Arts assignment

1) What is ART?

Please write a 1 page clear and objective statement:

“What is art, and what forms of art are you presently practicing in your daily life?”

This assignment should be posted here onto the discussion board thread using blackboard. Your response should be at least 3-5 paragraphs. I am asking you to share your personal feelings, intuitions, experiences, and sensory impressions here? Please give 2 examples of what ART is to you, and why. (The WHY part is important, so please do not overlook it) Your sources of information can be anything (classes you have taken, friends or family members who are artists, visits to museums and galleries, travel, reflective memories, skills that you have and apply, and so on) Aside from the art you may have been exposed to in your youth, or in high school, the goal is to see and become aware of how art is presently surrounding you in everyday life, not just in history books and museums.


2) Please watch the ART 21 video below. This particular episode focused on 4 artists working in a variety of different mediums. What artist did you resonate with the most? Why? Also, what artist did you find least interesting, and Why? Please explain your answers with examples from the video, and feel free to conduct further research online to back up your answers and discover more about each artist.(1 page)

You can watch the episode here::  (or search online for “ART 21 / Place”  )

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