Assignment 1 Human Resources and Business Strategy

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Assignment 1 Human Resources and Business Strategy
Human resource management formulates HR practices it believes will produce the desired workforce skills, attributes, and behaviors. For example, these practices may take the form of new selection, training, and compensation policies and practices. Provide a detailed example of how a banker could use human resource practices to support the bank’s business strategy. Use lesson materials or Internet resources to assist you in developing your response. Cite any resources used.
Assignment 2 Discrimination Charge
As a manager, you have recently turned down Nancy Conrad for a position as sales manager. Nancy believes the denial was due to the fact that she is physically handicapped. So, she has filed a discrimination charge with the EEOC. Prepare a 2-3 page paper outlining the steps the EEOC will use to process the charge, and include Nancy’s options during the process. Be sure to reference lesson materials as appropriate in your paper.
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