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Running xxxxx ASSIGNMENT xxx
xxxxxxxxxx 3.1
Assignment xxx
Student’s xxxxx
University xxxxxxxxxxxx
Executive xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx 2008) xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxx facilities have had xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in relation to xxxxxxx xxxxxx and keeping xx xxxxxxx that emanate xxxx xxxxxxxx environment. Our hospital, xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx facility xx xxxxxxxx to reform xxx xxxxxxxxxxx Technology xx that the xxxxxxxx offered to xxx xxxxxxxx are xxxxx to xx xxxxx par. There xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx prompted xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx department xx come up xxxx Requirement xxx Proposal (RFP) xxxx show the details and the severity of the problem xx hand. First and foremost xxxxx is x risk xx xxxx of patient data xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx something that xxx taken xxx hospital xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx maintain. . xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx & Bennett, 2016) cite that the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is fighting to xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx facilities xxxxxxx health xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Loss of xxxxxxx
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