Assignment on Mordern Technology Comparison Essay

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Find one article on any course related topic (computer or information technology). You may use the Library link in the classroom. The article should be relevant to a course topic and from a creditable source. You may choose your article from independent reading and research; or you may search the Internet. Also consider the following: The magazine Smart Computing in Plain English: and A more technical publication is PC Magazine:
Summarize the article in your own words and include information in your paper on how the article relates to course concepts. Discuss the course material. Demonstrate you have read the textbook and you understand how to relate your research to current events. Use the appropriate APA citation to illustrate when you move from the article summary to material from the textbook (The Purdue Online Writing Lab is a great source). Your article summary should not exceed 5 pages. Turnitin is used to assess the originality of your work–you want to have less than 15% similarity.

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