Attica Prison Riot

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Attica Essay Paper: Write a paper reviewing the video “Attica Prison Riot”. Address all the following subjects:
1. What initially contributed to the riot?–What could management/leadership have done that may have prevented the riot from occurring in the first place?
2. What was the warden’s initial strategy to respond to the riot? From a management perspective, how would you evaluate the initial plan of the warden?
3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of Commissioner Oswald’s strategy. Describe his management style (identify a specific management style—see textbook, icons on homepage) and provide your assessment of his conduct during this riot.
4. Describe management’s strengths and weaknesses in how they handled the riot aftermath. Include your impressions about how the situation was managed with the media and with the inmates after the riot was under control.
5. Describe specifically the management style (identify a specific management style—see textbook, icons on homepage) used by Governor Rockefeller during the riot. Were his actions throughout this ordeal appropriate?
6. Discuss any questionable unethical conduct you observed in this video.
7. Identify changes you would make as a new warden assigned to Attica after the riot.
Explain how this video is related to criminal justice and administration of justice management.Use quotes from the book Administration and Management in Criminal Justice —A Service Quality Approach, Allen and Sawhney, 2010, Sage Publishing.

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