Autobiographical Literacy History

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Some NOTES in my life
1/ Early family: my father teacher language, he teach me literacy in home before I want school. Also, I read a lot of animal’s story
2/ In elementary school: I worked with group in school when I was 6th grad , How I can help another student will be a good reader a writing and we have two teacher supervisor give the basics in literacy instruction. Also this basics in literacy instruction help me when I teacher. Also ,I read a lot of history story
3/ In middle and high school: the teacher language affect me because he choose me the reader in class, I read the whole story for my colleagues.
4/ in college: some professors in Arabic language choose me the leader to help other colleagues, how I can improve their literacy.
I am teacher for 7 years.
I teach 2nd grade reading and writing.
Pleas answer other question (open question for writer).
Choose any book you think help students in literacy.
Choose any a good question in literacy for my friend.

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