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Part 1
Select one parasitic worm and one nonparasitic worm.

Describe how each organism functions, its host, and its transmission.
Discuss any current research about the organisms you selected. What control methods are in place? What medications are available, if any, to treat the host organism?
Describe the problems in the host that are associated with this particular parasite.
Discuss any benefits associated with these worms.
Explain how beneficial nematodes affect the worms’ environment.
Part 2
Select two types of platyhelminthes and two types of mesozoans, and then complete the matrix by filling in the columns for each type.

What are some possible disadvantages to the body plan of nemetrines? How do nemetrines defend themselves?
If mesozoans are possible flatworm relatives, then why are they classified in a separate group? What characteristics do mesozoans have in common with flatworms? What are the distinguishing characteristics that set them apart?

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