Badminton Scoring – Java program – using API

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Badminton Scoring – Java program – using API
The following is a score of a single game in badminton. The top row is the score for Player 1. The second row is the score for Player 2. Represent this data in an ArrayList in a class called BadmintonScoring.
(see attached document for score data)
Compute the maximum points scored by Player 1 and Player 2.
Compute the maximum number of points scored in a continuous sequence by Player 1 and Player 2. Hint: Player 1 scored the sequence 0-1-2, which implies s/he scored 2 points in continuous sequence. Similarly, for Player 2, 16-17-18-19-20-21 implies that s/he scored 5 points in a continuous sequence.
Extend BadmintonScoring to associate each point scored by a player with a particular stroke that earned that point, using the notion of association list. You can represent each point as an object and store the score of a player in an association list (refer to Chapter 7, section 7.4.2 for details). For example, when Player 1 scored his/her first point, instead of just 1, it could have been {1, slice}. Thus, each point is augmented with the type of stroke from the following list:
a. slice
b. drive
c. smash
d. drop
e. net-shot
4. Store the following score of a single game using the modified BadmintonScoring class.
(see attached document for score data)
5. Identify the type of stroke that earned most points for each player
Program done as per the application programming interface (API) given in attached document.
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