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Read and summarize Kuther’s article. Then, is a separate paragraph, discuss in more
detail some of the problems and issues with Barbie as a gender and body image role
model. Cite and comment on the following as part of your response.
Study 1
1. From the “Results” section, “Play Activities,” comment on the following primary quotes (what the girls say)—first, introduce the quotes (eg., “In the first study in her article, Kuther asks 6th grade girls how they play with the dolls. One girl says…” etc.),then copy the quotes, then comment on them:
1. Cite the first two quotes in the section: what do they suggest about the influence the Barbie body image has/may have on the girls?
2. cite some of the quotes in the sub-section titled “Imaginative play”: what do they suggest about the social/socializing influence Barbie play may have 2. What is the significance of ”torture play”—how does this suggest a different sort of response to the Barbie image (select and comment on a few quotes)?
3. Look at the quotes following “Girls’ Views of Barbie”—how do they suggest a different attitude from the first two quotes (noted above) following “Play Activities”?
Study 2
1. How do the boys’ experience with the dolls differ from the girls’? what might this suggest about gender role expectations?
2. How does the boys’ torture play differ from the girls’, and how can it be seen both as a response to the Barbie body image, and as evidence of a stereotypical gender (behavioral) difference between the girls and boys (consider the quote bottom p. 7)

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