Bariatric Surgery for Children

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Bariatric Surgery for Children

Obesity is nowadays running rampant in the United States where majority of the population is either obese or overweight resulting to a major health problem which has reached an epidemic proportion in most parts of the globe (McTosh, 2001). Evidence has continued to accumulate linking obesity to many diseases including hypertension and type II diabetes accounting for significant morbidity as well as mortality on annual basis. However, according to Chong (2003), “despite many of these people being interested in making changes to their lives in order to live healthier and better lives, they find it time consuming and difficult to change their lifestyles in order to significantly lose weight.” Alternatively, a considerable number of these obese children are turned to popular procedures for weight loss in frantic attempts to shed the unnecessary weight such as bariatric surgery. Currently, bariatric surgery is the only treatment modality providing significant as well as sustained weight loss for morbidly obese children resulting to improvement in comorbidities that are obesity-related….ORDER NOW…

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