Baroque Music

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Choose any 3 topics from four choices below. Each page on each topic. There is no need for research. You are recommended to mainly use information from the resources that I am posting with. Examples are preferred to be introduced but please use the examples from the list provided in attachment.
1. Why did such a variety of musical styles emerge in the Baroque and rather suddenly? Which ideas? Ideals, and notion about music led to that result?
2. How the Baroque instrumental music manage to be dramatic? How has the approach to Baroque orchestral sound changed in the last 3 decades or so? Discuss these questions in reference to specific examples and to the extra readings?
3. Opera and power. As a public form of spectacle, Baroque opera often provided a commentary on political power, often in a convert fashion, and sometimes explicitly. Which opera(s) invite listeners to reflect on the nature and workings of political power and how so? Which one may be viewed as supporting established powers in one form or another? What does it mean to listen and produce these works today, in a different social and political environment? What do they have to teach us?
4. Bach and his time. In which way(s) was Bach out of step with the musical culture and taste of his time? How did he view himself as a composer, and what was he trying to communicate with his music? Why do you think his music continues to touch and inspire so many listeners centuries after it was written? Why should modern audiences be more attuned to his artistic goals and achievement than his own contemporaries?

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