Battle of Jerusalem in the First Crusade in 1099

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The Texts that i need you to write from are:
1) Crusades. Jones, Terry, 1942-
2) Arab historians of the Crusades. Gabrieli, Francesco. 1904-1996
3) The crusades through Arab eyes. Maalouf, Amin.
4) The First Crusade: The call from the East.
5) The Crusades: the authoritative history of the war for the Holy Land. Asbridge, Thomas S
6) God’s war: a new history of the crusades. tyerman, Christopher
7) A history of the crusades. Setton, Kenneth M. 1914-1995
8) The First crusade and the idea of crusading. [electronic resource]
Learning Objectives:
1) Analyze critically different interpretations
2) Explain different historical interpretations
3)Identify the historical methodology
4) Appraise in written form several text dealing with the topic
This is a Critical Review Format, and what i want you to do is going to be written here, these are the profesors’ instructions:
1) Brief introduction to the topic or subject of the book. why this topic or subject is important?
2) summarize the authors’ thesis and main points concisely but fully. (what do you think they are trying to accomplish by writing this text?)
3) React to the works. it may sound strange, but i do not care if you liked or disliked the book or if you learned a lot from the author. A review looks at substantively at a text.
4) Based on what you think the authors are trying to do, state whether or not you believe s/he is successful. Where does the author succeed or fail. What is your personal evaluation? Do you agree or disagree with the authors? Why? Be sure to explain and support your evaluation carefully and coherently. Do not walk fences or resort to elementary tactics such as pleading ignorance. This should not be regarded as a place to propose an alternative argument. remember you are reviewing the author’s text so everything you write should somehow relate to it.
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