bereavement processes;

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bereavement processes:

We will critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the biomedical model and how health care in the US could be improved. We will explore with hospice care and how its philosophy and treatment approaches contrast with the biomedical model which pervades most other healthcare settings
>>>Visit the excellent website which provides information for individuals, families, and caregivers regarding hospice services, treatment approaches (e.g., pain control, drug treatment), bereavement processes, advice for caregivers, and tips for talking with children about death. Click on the link under “Services” entitled, “The Hospice Concept” or read the information. This link provides a description of the philosophy of hospice care. Think about how different it is from the biomedical model.
>>>>Discuss how the hospice model contrasts with the traditional biomedical model being sure to highlight unique examples of the hospice model. Find a local hospice service and explain their services. GIVE CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE LOCAL SERVICE.

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